Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth can be embarrassing and frustrating, affecting not only your dental health but the first impression you make socially and in the workplace. Straight, even teeth boost confidence and can improve your job prospects, social standing, and even dating prospects.

Whether you have a small overlap, gaps between your teeth, or extremely crooked teeth that require straightening, there are a variety of available options that may serve your needs and give you the straight, beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. Your dentist should be able to offer a variety of treatments to improve the appearance of crooked teeth or restore them to perfect alignment.

Benefits of correcting tooth alignmentCrooked Teeth

Straightening crooked teeth can have marked benefits on not only your appearance, but also your dental health. It’s much easier to maintain good oral hygiene when teeth are straight. Poor alignment may contribute to jaw, neck, and back problems as well, so straightening your teeth may also improve your posture and overall physical well-being.

You can expect to notice many of the following benefits by repairing crooked teeth:

  • Easier chewing and biting
  • Less time spent brushing and flossing around misaligned teeth
  • Fewer cavities and less decay
  • Elimination of dental pain due to crookedness or crowding
  • Better posture and comfort
  • Less risk of TMJ and related problems, such as migraines and back pain
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Better job prospects
  • Renewed confidence and social activity

Treatment with Aligner Therapy

If you wish to straighten your teeth, improve bite alignment, and prevent back, neck, and TMJ problems as well as potential oral hygiene concerns, one option is invisible aligners. This modern straightening system uses clear plastic trays to gradually shift your teeth into the ideal position. It’s easy to remove the aligners to brush and floss, and because they’re virtually invisible, no one needs to know that you’re having your teeth straightened.

Treatment with Porcelain VeneersTeeth and gums in mouth

If you don’t want to commit to this straightening process, it’s possible to correct minor crookedness in a single dental session with porcelain veneers . A veneer will cover the surface of the tooth to repair chips, cracks, crookedness, discoloration, or misshapen teeth.

Trusted Orthodontic Referrals

Even the most crooked adult teeth can be straightened. If after an initial consultation you feel that neither aligner therapy nor veneers is the right option for you, Dr. Kleive can make a referral to one of his trusted orthodontists.