Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is common

We understand that many patients struggle with dental fears and phobias, either as a result of painful dental work in the past or for unexplained reasons. If you’ve experienced a lot of pain in the past, or you have nameless fears about giving up control in the dentist’s chair, it may be difficult to face the prospect of dental work.

Our dental office is different, and our treatment philosophy reflects our respect for our patients. We take every measure to ensure a smooth, stress-free experience. With a goal of total pain-free dentistry, Dr. Mark Kleive makes your comfort his top priority during every procedure.

Giving control back to youDental Anxiety Asheville

In Dr. Kleive’s experience with fearful patients, he’s found that the key to helping them feel comfortable during dental work is allowing them to maintain a sense of control of the entire process. The more you understand about the specifics of your dental procedure, the easier it is to relax and allow us to restore your teeth to their original beauty and brilliance.

In our relationship with each patient, we build a sense of trust and by focusing on these three elements:

  1. Pain-free treatment
  2. Open communication
  3. A sense of safety

This philosophy allows us to offer a uniquely respectful environment in which questions are welcomed and the final decisions about your dental care are always in your hands.

Black Mountain Pain-Free Dentistry

Most people with dental phobias are scared of the dentist’s chair because of past traumatic experiences. If you’ve had painful dental work or experienced procedures where a dentist was insensitive to your concerns or your comfort, it may seem next to impossible to give up control to another dentist and risk enduring the same trauma again. Dr. Kleive takes the time to speak with each patient prior to their examination and before every dental procedure, outlining the steps he will take and addressing any fears or concerns.

Preventing discomfort before it happens

If you’re afraid of pain, rest assured that Dr. Kleive makes it his top priority to prevent discomfort for every procedure. No matter how sensitive or cautious you might feel, we’re here to support and serve you. Pain is totally preventable in dentistry and we strive to avoid it at all times.

To learn more about Dr. Kleive’s approach to dental anxiety and phobias, please contact us today or schedule a consultation to discuss your concerns. Our practice proudly serves patients throughout Asheville, North Carolina and beyond.