Misshapen Teeth

Whether your smile is otherwise perfect or has numerous issues you’d like to correct, misshapen teeth can have a dramatic impact on your appearance. Although they have very little effect on your dental health, misshapen teeth can mimic chipped or crooked teeth, and can even appear discolored or make other teeth look more flawed than they really are.

There’s no reason to allow misshapen teeth to mar your smile when there are several cosmetic repairs that can quickly and easily eliminate the problem.

Why correct misshapen teeth?

Misshapen teeth can be uncomfortable in your mouth, or alter an otherwise flawless smile. Repairing these teeth can make your smile look straighter and brighter, improve your comfort while eating, and lend you greater confidence in social and work situations. You’ll probably find that you smile wider and more often, too!

If your teeth have become misshapen through conditions like TMJ disorder, they may be sensitive or more vulnerable to decay or discoloration. Rebuilding worn teeth prevents sensitivity and decay and protects your teeth for years to come.

Options for repairing misshapen teeth

The first step in correcting misshapen teeth is a thorough examination by Dr. Kleive, during which he will identify the cause of the problem. After that, it’s a matter of choosing the best solution to repair your specific issue and prevent further issues.

  • If your teeth are naturally misshapen, it’s easy to reshape them with dental bonding or Dental Bonding Ashevilleporcelain veneers. These cosmetic procedures provide an easy fix that will repair the appearance of your teeth in one session.
  • Worn or damaged teeth, however, are a bit more complicated. The cause may be a misalignment in your bite, bad habits such as grinding or clenching your jaw, or other issues. If TMJ disorder is a factor, you may need a bite guard to prevent teeth from becoming worn again after we reshape and repair them.
  • In other cases, misshapen teeth are part of a complete set of dental problems requiring full mouth restoration. Whatever the cause or condition, there are many possible ways to repair misshapen teeth.

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