Missing Teeth

As children, we lose our baby teeth and a new set of adult teeth grows in their place. Unfortunately, there’s no backup system for lost adult teeth except the work of a talented restorative dentist.

Missing teeth and your options

Missing teeth are a serious problem that can mar your smile and contribute to a variety of dental health issues down the road. It’s important to replace missing teeth as soon as possible to prevent other teeth from shifting and prevent the need for expensive dental work. Dr. Mark Kleive can fill in gaps with artificial teeth that look and feel just like the real thing, matching the color of your natural teeth and restoring your beautiful smile.

Dental x ray missing teethAt our practice, we utilize the innovative ORTHOPHOS XG Cone Beam X-Ray imaging system to create a customized teeth replacement treatment plan. The advanced technology at the heart of the Cone Beam X-Ray allows Dr. Kleive to take a clear, panoramic view of your mouth. The image shows precise details of your teeth, gums, nerve structure, and jaw bone. This incredible imagery can help Dr. Kleive achieve the most accurate results possible and the most comfortable, natural-looking fit for your replacement teeth.

The importance of replacing missing teethMissing Teeth Asheville NC

Filling the gaps left by missing teeth will allow you to chew and smile naturally again. It also prevents numerous problems that may occur if gaps are left unfilled:

  • Shifting teeth
  • Bite, jaw, and neck problems caused by poor alignment
  • Bone tissue shrinkage in the area where a tooth root is missing
  • Tooth decay and loss
  • An aging jawline
  • Gum disease or gum shrinkage
  • Replacing lost and missing teeth

Dental Implants to replace missing teeth

There are several possible ways to replace a missing tooth, but the most reliable and permanent is a tooth implant that is surgically fused to your jaw bone to fully replace the tooth root. The dental implant is installed in several stages, and is later capped with a dental crown or artificial tooth that perfectly matches the color, size, and shape of the adjacent teeth.

Dental Bridge to replace missing teeth

If you are not a good candidate for an implant, an alternate option is a dental bridge that can be attached to crowns on the surrounding teeth. This alternative doesn’t fill the gaps in the jaw bone, so it won’t prevent gum and bone shrinkage the way a dental implant will, but it does fill the gap in your smile with an artificial tooth and stops teeth from shifting out of alignment.

If you have missing teeth and are interested in replacing them, contact us today for more information or to schedule a dental consultation. Dr. Kleive’s practice serves patients throughout Asheville, North Carolina and beyond.