Patient Stories

Dr. Mark Kleive and his team appreciate patient relationships cultivated from trust and mutual understanding. Our overall approach to patient care involves both oral health and overall health including exercise and nutrition.   The following patients have taken the time to share their personal dentistry experience at our office.

Patient Video: Rick

Rick speaks to coming to Dr. Mark’s office and being surprised at how much the team was invested in getting to know patients personally.  He had delayed getting dental treatment, and had no longer cared for smiling.  After coming to Dr. Mark’s office, he was pleased to find solutions and steps that he could take to improve his overall health and lifestyle.

Patient Video: Rachel

Rachel found Dr. Mark’s website and felt the patient testimonials section was compelling because it meant that the patients cared enough about their experience to share it with others.  She felt supported and invested and empowered by the team at Dr. Mark Kleive’s Black Mountain Dental office.

Patient Video: Robert

Robert came to trust Dr. Mark through a referral from a family member.  He understands  and values the importance of getting work done right the first time, and likes how the treatment is focused on the patient, and not about the dentist.

Patient Video: M.

M. came to the practice of Dr. Kleive and came to understand how important teeth are when it comes to the matter of overall health, and not just from a vanity standpoint.  She experienced relief with her TMJ/TMD symptoms of clenching and grinding and appreciates the relief and understanding she has found through working with Dr. Mark.

Patient Video: Annie

Annie has seen many dentists over her lifetime, and she feels a connection with Mark as a dentist,
and a person.  She admires his skills, spunk, and shared values about patient care.

Patient Video: Besty

Betsy talks about how Dr. Mark Kleive is focused on getting to know his patients, and has a modern approach to care, including payment options.  After getting dental implants, she feels radiant.

Patient Video: Bette

Bette talks about how welcome she feels at Dr. Mark Kleive’s Black Mountain Dentist office.  Since having dental treatment, she has been able to practice better nutrition and improve her overall wellness.

Patient Video: Bob

Bob’s oral health has been improved over a few months with a smile makeover and formed a true partnership with Dr. Kleive’s team.  He finally feels able to smile and chew with comfort.

Patient Video: Cindy

Cindy had a dream of having a beautiful smile.  Dr. Mark Kleive helped her achieve her dream and she couldn’t be happier.  She now feels her smile shows the beauty she feels on the inside.

Patient Video: Rob

Rob delayed visiting the dentist while he was in pain.  He finally couldn’t put it off any longer, and came to Dr. Kleive.  He was not made to feel guilty about his teeth, and Rob’s issues were resolved comfortably.

The Team Kleive Experience

Learn about what you can expect from Team Kleive and the important role of health and wellness.


We love serving patients who have a interest in life-long health and wellness!  At the dental office of Dr. Mark Kleive, we take the time to educate individuals about the role nutrition and exercise play in their lives, based on their personal choices. For more information, or to schedule a consultation at our Black Mountain Dental Office, call us at 828-669-2974.