Teaming with Results

Team2Team is dedicated to helping teams thrive. Our aim is to guide your team through developing systems and skills which support the whole health of your practice, reduce stress, and facilitate long-term success. T2T consulting uses a feathers touch to provide support and custom-tailored implementation of actionable elements in every facet of a dental office. Ultimately, we share a vision for a team which attracts, develops, excites, and retains exceptional people taking care of exceptional people!

How can Team2Team be of assistance?

We recognize dental offices vary in culture and protocols, but they all strive to provide the best possible service to the right patients.  If you are wanting to improve elements of your office, from team dynamics, to patient communication, or even creating custom solutions for unique situations, T2T can collaborate with your success in mind.  T2T specializes in personalized solutions, based on your philosophies, not blanket conformity.

Smoothing Visible Tangles

If you are uncertain about what your office may need to thrive to maximum potential, here are some general areas in which T2T may be of assistance:

  • 1 day help/rescue course
  • Team-to-Team consulting
  • Stress reduction practices
  • Mentoring based on the style of Mark’s practice
  • Sharing knowledge and models of dentistry with others
  • Addressing the “whole hygiene” component of oral care
  • “Open Dental” software consulting/Technology assistance
  • Updating systems and workflow
  • Team and Patient communication
  • “Over the shoulder” training, at our office or yours
  • Chairside manner and collaboration
  • Lab-work consulting and process flow
  • Other custom services as discussed

Contact our office by phone, or form to find out more about T2T’s offerings and how we can help your office thrive!  Go beyond focusing on patient health, and gain the perspectives needed for the overall wellness of your practice.  Stress reduction goes a long way towards synergy among team mates and patients.  Come be part of the T2T family!